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Local Women Empower ~ Crystal Lynn Collins, Owner of Crystal Lynn Photography

It is no surprise that our first feature “Local Women Empower” is Crystal Lynn Collins, owner of Crystal Lynn Photography. Crystal has owned her Vacaville business for 5 years specializing in fine art portrait and wedding photography. Her photography is breathtaking and her calm, kind spirit contagious.

Crystal and I met through business and I have had the pleasure of working with her on various projects. I am now lucky to call her one of my dearest friends and colleagues. She inspires me to be a creative, active, and giving business woman.

Her professionalism, industry knowledge, and genuine love for all living things glows bright through her artwork. But don't let her calm demeanor misguide you, this chick is a real fighter! Crystal is a cancer survivor, just receiving the amazing news of 3 years cancer free! She has taken on life’s battles in stride and used them to fuel her creativity and never take a single day for granted.

Here is a little bit of insight from Crystal on business, goals, empowering women, and inspiration…

How did you first become interested in photography?
I believe that my Mum planted the seed at an early age. She loves photography and ALWAYS has a camera in her hands. She gave me my first film camera when I was just fourteen years old after signing up for a high school photography class. From that point forward it became an obsession and I have been shooting ever since.  

What do you love most about your job?
Freedom! The most amazing thing about this job is that I have freedom over everything I do. Being creative is all I know, and this job lets me be who I am all the time.

How have other women in business helped you grow?
I think the most important thing that has helped me grow is friendship. Being that this job is a solo gig, it’s so important to have friends who believe in you and encourage you. I am lucky enough to call another local photographer and florist two of my very dear friends. They constantly cheer me on, encourage, and keep me inspired. Their positivity, and friendship go a long way, and help keep me growing as an artist.

What are some dreams or goals you might have as and artist and a business owner?
As a business owner, I hope to do more destination weddings. I am a travel bug and would love to work while traveling!
As an artist, I would love to work more on my Etsy shop and possibly sell my fine art prints & cards at farmers markets and large craft fairs in the city!

Who or what inspires you?
People: love, laughter, relationships…are all so inspiring to me. It’s the number one reason why I love photography so much. I get to focus on and document love laughter and relationships and then turn them into life-long memories for my clients. It is such an honor.

Music: To say that I am obsessed with music is a huge understatement. If you come to my house, we ALWAYS have music on! There is so much passion, movement and creativity in music. Listening to an artist pour out their soul into a song is very powerful.

Travel: Traveling reminds me that that there is so much beauty all around us. It reminds me to stop and appreciate life. We are so lucky to live on this earth, and I love exploring it!

What is Project 52?
This year I joined a group of photographers on Facebook participating in Project 52. The group is filled with photographers of all levels; from mom's with iPhones to the seasoned professional. The goal of Project 52 is to go out every week and create an image. You can use a theme (provided that week) or not, but just to get out and shoot for yourself! We share our images in the group, and help one another with positive critiquing and encouragement. It has been such a wonderful project and helps fuel my desire to be outside and create art.

For more information about Crystal Lynn Photography and to view her stunning work please visit Subscribe to follow Crystal's blog to see what is happening in Crystal's world and the gorgeous pictures on her Project 52!

Miss Crystal, you rock! Thank you for being our first "Local Women Empower" feature! We couldn’t be happier to support the awesome YOU and your business!

Project 52, In the Rain

Project 52, In the Rain

Project 52, The Blue Heron