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Local Women Empower~ Betsy Rogers of Financial Celebrations

Laurie Rosenthal & Betsy Rogers of Financial Celebrations

Local Women Empower~ Betsy Rogers of Financial Celebrations

Betsy and her mother, Laurie, are are business partners for Financial Celebrations, an Independent Broker Business. The purpose of their company is to develop relationships with people seeking to improve their lives by reducing or eliminating financial confusion. Financial Celebrations serves people who seek more harmony and joy in their lives coupled with the responsibility to take action and a willingness to be educated on the necessary steps to financial freedom. They provide guidance with a level of concern, knowledge, understanding, and kindness in such a way that customers feel like they are their only clients. Financial Celebrations is located right here in North Vacaville and just celebrated their 10 year anniversary this past June!

So what does “an independent broker business” mean? Well, they are not linked to any one company so they can offer clients a variety of options for planning their financial future. They take their time getting to know each client. “It is so important for us to also take the time to understand a person’s relationship with money. Experiences they've had in the past, how their money situation is currently, and what they want it to look like in retirement.” They then create a plan and discuss strategies that make sense for each client’s different situation. Betsy & Laurie meet regularly with clients to review account status, make appropriate changes, as well as provide annual updates of their overall financial status and reinvent their plans as necessary.

These ladies have an outstanding reputation and gain their clients solely through word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations. They not only run their successful business, but both are mothers of large families. Betsy has three children under the age of 7, I wish someone bottled that kind of energy and focus!

Here’s our little interview with Betsy. Enjoy!

How long have you been in business?
June 5th, 2005 we started with Financial Celebrations. My Mom has been in financial planning since 1996. Prior to that, she and my father owned their own HVAC company for 15 years. In addition, my mom also sold real estate and was a mortgage broker. She is a wealth of information having various positions within the business world. It has been such a blessing learning all that she knows and incorporating that knowledge into our practice. I also worked for a mortgage company for 3 years in college before going into business with my mom.

What are your specialties and/or what type of service do you provide?
Investment strategies while saving for retirement and then while in retirement. We offer 401Ks, profit-sharing, IRAs, college investing, life insurance and family living trusts, as well as estate planning. We really take the time to get to know our clients and help them navigate through the planning process... What are their goals? When do they want to retire? How do they want to retire (hobbies, travel, etc.)? How much do they want in retirement? Are they saving for college or a new home?  We run the numbers and help them track and monitor their investments on a regular basis to reach these goals.

Who is your target client?  
Being that we gain clients by referral, we serve people of all ages, incomes, and net worth. When people are nearing retirement, we help manage how to draw on their investments and build strategies fit for their financial freedom goals. We also find ourselves helping people who have received an inheritance. They know they want to be wise and get a better return than what banks may be offering. We seem to connect the with people who are successful in their business or careers but want outside help with understanding all that is involved in the investing world.  So, we take them through the investment process slowly and methodically, so they can learn as much as they’d like.

Have you earned any recognition or awards for your business?
I have been on the STARS team with Jackson for the last 7+ years and on Fidelity’s Advisor Counsel for the past 5+ years. Personally, it's nice to have these plaques but they are in a box in my garage… not at all why I do what I do. Instead, our office is full of our client’s pictures, newsletters, and flyers of events we offer as our business about our clients not us.

You just celebrated your ten year anniversary of being in business, Congratulations! How has your business grown/changed in the last ten years?
Being that we are not natives of Vacaville or even California for that matter, it was a challenge to start a referral-based business. We’ve received overwhelming support from our clients. Our business just keeps growing. It is a huge compliment and an honor to work with the people God has put in our path.

Getting personal with Betsy…

How did you first become interested in business/finance?
I loved all my business classes in college. My brain relates to numbers very well. In addition, I just love people, so this career is a perfect fit. When I was in college I served an internship working with my Mom. I went with her on appointments and watched her help all kinds of people. I got to see how much they truly appreciated her guidance and counsel. She always mentions the day I turned to her after graduation and said “I think I want to do what you do!”  She calls this “The Dream She Never Dreamt.” She never thought she would be in business with one of her children and that it has been a dream come true.

What do you love most about your job?
Working with our amazing clients. When I say we really get to know our clients, I mean we really get to know our clients!  It's not just numbers, there is so much emotion connected to finances and I have learned a lifetime of lessons from our clients.  I feel so blessed that they share their life stories. Therefore, I can learn to be a better person, professionally and personally, learning from their stories and life circumstances. Just when I think I have heard it all, a client will share a life experience, perspective or paradigm, I have never even considered and it feels life changing.  Everything is confidential but I can then share their theories with others. I love that part of my job.

How have other women in business helped you grow? (personally or as a business)
Being that my industry is male dominant, I laugh when I go to sponsored events and get looks and questions like “whose secretary are you?” It kills me! But, other women always motivate me professionally because I see the way they really care. Not that men don’t, of course they they do. For example, Susan who works in my office has really helped me grow. She is our business manager and we are so fortunate to have her on our team. She is the most diligent, faithful, loyal, prompt, and detail oriented business manager on the planet! I believe you teach people how to treat you and she has taught me so much about expectations and what to tolerate and what not to in a professional and tasteful way. Also our clients who are single women, some widowed, some divorced, some never married, they motivate me to be their guide and partner in figuring out the financial world. I want to be a resource they can trust and approach for solid informative guidance.

What are some dreams or goals you have as an entrepreneur and a business partner?
My goal is to always do what is right, keep learning, and try to be my best for all of my clients. God will take care of the rest. My dream is to always love what I do as much as I do now.

Who or what inspires you?
My Mom is and will always be my greatest inspiration. I could write a book on her life, motivation, and successes. My mom and dad divorced when I was 12 years old. As a mother of four, she raised us practically on her own while attending college full-time and working a full-time job. Somehow, she never missed one sporting event or school function. I don’t know how she did it. She’s always said she had no choice, but that’s not true. She had a choice, and it was to be the best woman possible for her kids. She cares for people deeply and selflessly. She loves to learn, teach, serve, and help others. I have seen her fight for so long and in the meantime smile, love, and make life happen all along the way. She encouraged me to get my education, be honest, hard working, and be true to myself, my family, and all I come across. She’s pretty amazing.

Thank you Betsy and Laurie for bringing your huge hearts and phenomenal skills to our Vacaville community. We love your inspired and kind approach to what can be a scary topic for many people, finance (just saying the word makes me shiver). Congratulations on ten years of success and true determination. May the next ten be filled with much joy and prosperity!

XO~ The Pollen Mill