A little about what's happening in our big flower world...

Pretty in Pink & Navy | Park Winters, CA

Jessie & Kenny were married at the beautiful Park Winters on a mid spring evening. The day was warm and sun filled, perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony. With the styling and coordination of Alluring Events & Design, this was sure to be one gorgeous celebration.

Jessie requested floral designs in shades of pink and coral with accents of navy. They wanted their nuptials to reflect their personalities; sweet, classic, vibrant, and romantic. Jessie's bridal bouquet was filled with white peonies, ranunculas, veronica, lilac, lisianthus, stock, and silver hues from dusty miller and variegated pittosporum. The bridesmaids were adorned with vibrant pink and coral bouquets hand-tied in a navy and white striped ribbon we just adored! On the dining tables, wooden boxes and simple glass cylinders filled with collections of pink, coral, & white blooms and copper votives brightened the event barn.

Here's a little of the magic that happened on their wonderful wedding day...

Thank you Jessie & Kenny for selecting us as part of your vendor team! We love working with you and watching your vision come to reality! Best wishes on your forever journey together.

A huge round of applause to the ladies at Alluring Events & Design on planning another gorgeous celebration! We always love working with you. XX

Venue: Park Winters|  Wedding Coordination & Design: Alluring Events & Design|  Photography: Stout Photography

Billowy Blooms for a Yountville Autumn Wedding | Bouchon Restaurant | Yountville, CA

We just love when our inbox is filled with lovely photographs from our wedding clients! This November wedding in Yountville was classic and breathtaking with lush, billowy blooms and sweet personal details. Naturally, we had to share these stunning images of our designs captured by Vicen Forns Photography. Thank you Vicen Forns for sharing! Enjoy!


Venue: Bouchon Bistro (Yountville)   Photography: Vicen Forns Photography (Napa)  Hair & Make-Up: Carrie Aldous (Napa)  

The (Floral) Red Zone

There is this NFL channel the husband watches called The Red Zone. Basically the channel bounces back and forth showing all the important highlights from each game. It actually drives me crazy! As soon as I get into one game, it switches to another and I can never keep up (and here I've digressed once again). Anyway, here is a little (Floral) Red Zone highlight action for what the Pollen Mill has been up to.

We provided the floral designs for this beautiful photo shoot at Vizcaya Sacramento. Photo courtesy of Liz Zimbleman Photography. Aren't these two dreamy?

And one more close-up. Gah! Photo courtesy of Liz Zimbleman Photography.

These centerpieces were created for the wonderful ladies at Backdoor Bistro to celebrate their monthly Winemaker's Dinner. We LOVE Backdoor Bistro and are so excited to watch their delicious restaurant grow into a hometown staple.

And then there was this bright backyard arch...

And this one for a wedding at The French Laundry Culinary Garden.

And this bouquet with the beautiful Brooke for a fall photo shoot with Crystal Lynn Photography, Danielle Lucas Hair, and Brooke Anderson modeling. Photo courtesy of Crystal Lynn Photography.

And Brooke with another fall bouquet. Photo courtesy of Crystal Lynn Photography.

And these dahlias for someone special.

And then these designs for a 60th Wedding Anniversary celebration at the Westin Verasa Napa. Photo courtesy of Crystal Lynn Photography.

And these dining table centerpieces for a wedding reception at Ad Hoc in Yountville that the bees couldn't even stay away from.

Oh, Jen's blue and lavender bridal bouquet was not to be forgotten.

We celebrated the grand opening of Sweet Pea's with a pop-up floral shop.

And our designs made the cover of California Meetings & Events Magazine at Soul Food Farm with styling and Photography by Amber Johnston at My Sweetness Stylized Photography.

And plenty of pretty fall flowers went out for delivery.

And that time when Crystal Lynn Photography & The Pollen Mill joined forces to start their new design adventure Foraging Light. Follow us on Instagram @foraginglight to see what we have coming up. Hint Hint: enjoy our flowers every month through all of 2015. :)

And then there was this welcoming design for the Flourish Health Summit.

This custom terrarium in a vintage glass cage.

And we designed this entryway piece for Bouchon Bistro out of the back of the Prius. #moblieflorist

The Keane's Baby Shower buffet design. Photo Courtesy of Alison Pfaff

Then we took our hand in event planning & coordination, decor & staging, and full floral design for this one-of-a-kind event which included Olympic Games! Delicious catering by The Organic Countertop and furniture/tabletop rentals from Wine Country Rentals. Photo Courtesy of Alison Pfaff

And the temperature decided to drop below 80 degrees for the first time in months. So we made some more moody blooms.

And then it FINALLY rained the day we made this fluffy bridal bouquet.

Last but definitely not least, our boys nailed down a dynasty with one more World Series Win!

Is your head spinning yet? Information overload!

We are so blessed to work with so many great vendors, venues, and restaurants especially our local buddies right here in the 707.

We have much more coming up through the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for our Thanksgiving Centerpiece Workshop and Winter Wreaths. We are booking up quickly for weddings & events in 2015. Please contact us ASAP to schedule your consult. As always, thank you for your continued support. Love Locally!

Bespoke Bride:Wedding Blog Feature | Suisun, CA

We are so excited to have our designs featured on Bespoke Bride: Wedding Blog! Here are some images of our Styled Photo Shoot at Rock Creek Vineyard. Huge thanks to Crystal Lynn Photography for submitting our pictures. We always love working with the very talented Crystal and massively appreciate her gentle soul. Another big thank you to the other vendors who made this shoot an amazing one: Seamless Details: Styling and Signs, Pieces of Time: Vintage Furniture & Accessories, Jessica Elise Hmua: Hair & Make-Up.

Cheers to a job well done! XO

You can see the full feature here:

(Click on photo blow to view gallery of images)

Soul Food Farm Photo Shoot | Vacaville, CA

Last weekend we were blessed to take part in a photo shoot at Soul Food Farm on Pleasants Valley Road here in Vacaville. This place, is just, phenomenal. Every time I step foot on this property, I feel like I turn into a child again and want to skip, roll around with bare feet, and talk to the chickens and trees (ok, so maybe not much has changed and I still regularly do all of these things but yeah, it really brings out the hippie spirit).

Alexis, the owner of Soul Food Farm has a beautifully comforting spirit. She is easy to talk to, even easier to love, genuinely caring and very supportive of our little community. Not only is Soul Food Farm a working farm raising chickens, lavender, and olives but it is on the verge of becoming the new "it" venue for events and weddings in the area. With the barn doors about to swing open, Alexis has hired one amazing event planner to take on the feat of helping to plan events on the farm. Amber is working to coordinate events and make your special day as flawless as the farm surroundings. She is talented and kind with a warming smile. Her humble sense of style and simple beauty made for some amazing photographs last weekend. Amber is not only the event coordinator, but a talented photographer as well. Her work can be seen at

Check out the venue in all its glory, amongst the beauty of the whimsical olive orchard on a particularly bright and sunny evening.

These olive trees scream "come frolic in my branches" about as much as Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree.

These summer flowers were selected in bright but soft hues to compliment the silver in the olive branches and golden grasses.

Peach dahlias, pink rice flower, immature hydrangeas, gomphrena, and blushing bride protea snuggle up and embrace.

Tulips in full bloom stretch out their petals passed a cafe au lait dahlia.

And the mix & match china and crystal, place settings...Ugh, stop it already with the cuteness

Just breathtaking.

Thank you Alexis and Amber (Soul Food Farm & My Sweetness Photography) for asking us to be a part of this beauty. We love working with you and we are excited for our many adventures to come! XO


We've had a lot of inquiries lately about the ins-and-outs of our business. So, we figured we would put together a little Q&A session for you.

Question: Where do you get your flowers?  I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. JUST KIDDING! We source our flowers from growers right here in Solano County, some reach further north into Capay Valley and Roseville and as south as Half Moon Bay and Watsonville. We also work with wholesale markets in Davis, Sacramento, and San Francisco. We do grow some of our blooms right here in our home. Mostly greenery and vines but also some specialty accent flowers. My mom grows gorgeous flowers and I try to steal from her garden as often as possible but she's got a pretty tight eye on those gorgeous prize possessions. If you know of anyone with a garden or just some beautiful homegrown flowers in the area, please let them know I am always looking to source local blooms. I will gladly pay top dollar to cut fresh stems from their fields or garden!

Question: Do you use Floral Foam? Why not?  We do not use Floral Foam. Haven't touched the stuff in years. Floral foam is chalked full of chemicals that are known to harm humans, animals, and the environment. Some of these chemicals include: formaldehyde, carbon black, and barium sulfate. Side effects from exposure to these can include: liver and bladder changes/abnormalities, lung damage, skin and eye irritation, muscle incoordination, central nervous system depression, narcosis, reproductive disease and disorders, cancer, and death. Pretty g-r-o-s-s. All of these chemicals are listed as acute and chronic hazardous materials under their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Floral foam is not biodegradable as it is a plastic and most often must be disposed of just after one use. Instead, we use other materials (for example: moss, vines, chicken wire, flower frogs) and techniques to hold our blooms in place and ensure they are well watered and fed. While some believe floral foam extends the life of the flowers, the best care for prolonging flowers and plants is simply, fresh water. 

Question: How did you get your client(s)?  Long legs and low blouses...duh. Yeah, right! Word of mouth and reputation. We have done minimal advertising and believe in building relationships with our clients through our flowers and our customer service. We like to think of our clients as our dearest friends and in effect we have many repeat loyal customers. We always appreciate when our clients write us reviews on Yelp, Wedding Wire, and Facebook. We also love the shout outs on Instagram and Pinterest. Social networking has been extremely beneficial for our business and the feedback is warmly appreciated. We receive calls and orders several times a week that are referrals from online reviews and "likes." So, thank you our sweet fiends and clients for spreading the love!

Question: Can you get any flower even if it isn't grown locally? Any flower that is available during the season we can order from a wholesale market. We encourage all of our clients to purchase flowers grown here in California and if not, at least inside of the U.S. However, if you need a specific flower or plant that is grown only in Ecuador or Argentina, we can get it for you. We limit the amount of orders we take with these requests and at some point we hope that we can function as a business that only uses local flowers. But, yes we can get the tropical flowers for your luau themed event, no problem (smiley face).

Question: Why do flowers cost so much when they just die? Great question! I encourage everyone to take their hand in planting flowers or a garden from seed. It's not as simple as you  think. Plants (especially from seed) need specific care: water, nutrients, sunlight, proper environment for homeostasis, and space. Other factors such as insects, animals and fungi impact a plants ability to survive. Even in greenhouses, there are many facets that make growing plants a tedious job. So, the flowers alone are not cheap, even at wholesale costs and particularly now in a time of drought here in California.

Then you add in the time and process to supply flowers to the customer in the form of an arrangement. This includes time to pick out flowers at the grower or market, bring them to our location, prep and condition each stem, arrange the design, package for delivery, schedule delivery, and finally deliver the flowers. It's quite a system. This doesn't include the time and effort spent on taking orders, writing proposals, editing proposals, stocking materials, sourcing flowers from growers and markets, and all the billing and paperwork poop. I'd say most of our time is spent preparing proposals, sending estimates, providing example and inspiration photos and conducting billing...all the super fun stuff! I can only wish I spent all day long just playing with flowers! All of these steps to provide a floral design to make someone's day a little brighter. It's all worth it! We cringe when we hear people say "no one is going to notice the flowers..." especially at a wedding or special event. They Absolutely Do! 70-80% of all of our business comes from customers who have seen our flowers, loved them, and then booked us for their next event. Flowers make impressions and make events pretty.

Thank you for your constant support and questions! We love to hear from you and tell you about our little business! Keep 'em coming. XO Kim

Local Women Empower ~ Crystal Lynn Collins, Owner of Crystal Lynn Photography

It is no surprise that our first feature “Local Women Empower” is Crystal Lynn Collins, owner of Crystal Lynn Photography. Crystal has owned her Vacaville business for 5 years specializing in fine art portrait and wedding photography. Her photography is breathtaking and her calm, kind spirit contagious.

Crystal and I met through business and I have had the pleasure of working with her on various projects. I am now lucky to call her one of my dearest friends and colleagues. She inspires me to be a creative, active, and giving business woman.

Her professionalism, industry knowledge, and genuine love for all living things glows bright through her artwork. But don't let her calm demeanor misguide you, this chick is a real fighter! Crystal is a cancer survivor, just receiving the amazing news of 3 years cancer free! She has taken on life’s battles in stride and used them to fuel her creativity and never take a single day for granted.

Here is a little bit of insight from Crystal on business, goals, empowering women, and inspiration…

How did you first become interested in photography?
I believe that my Mum planted the seed at an early age. She loves photography and ALWAYS has a camera in her hands. She gave me my first film camera when I was just fourteen years old after signing up for a high school photography class. From that point forward it became an obsession and I have been shooting ever since.  

What do you love most about your job?
Freedom! The most amazing thing about this job is that I have freedom over everything I do. Being creative is all I know, and this job lets me be who I am all the time.

How have other women in business helped you grow?
I think the most important thing that has helped me grow is friendship. Being that this job is a solo gig, it’s so important to have friends who believe in you and encourage you. I am lucky enough to call another local photographer and florist two of my very dear friends. They constantly cheer me on, encourage, and keep me inspired. Their positivity, and friendship go a long way, and help keep me growing as an artist.

What are some dreams or goals you might have as and artist and a business owner?
As a business owner, I hope to do more destination weddings. I am a travel bug and would love to work while traveling!
As an artist, I would love to work more on my Etsy shop and possibly sell my fine art prints & cards at farmers markets and large craft fairs in the city!

Who or what inspires you?
People: love, laughter, relationships…are all so inspiring to me. It’s the number one reason why I love photography so much. I get to focus on and document love laughter and relationships and then turn them into life-long memories for my clients. It is such an honor.

Music: To say that I am obsessed with music is a huge understatement. If you come to my house, we ALWAYS have music on! There is so much passion, movement and creativity in music. Listening to an artist pour out their soul into a song is very powerful.

Travel: Traveling reminds me that that there is so much beauty all around us. It reminds me to stop and appreciate life. We are so lucky to live on this earth, and I love exploring it!

What is Project 52?
This year I joined a group of photographers on Facebook participating in Project 52. The group is filled with photographers of all levels; from mom's with iPhones to the seasoned professional. The goal of Project 52 is to go out every week and create an image. You can use a theme (provided that week) or not, but just to get out and shoot for yourself! We share our images in the group, and help one another with positive critiquing and encouragement. It has been such a wonderful project and helps fuel my desire to be outside and create art.

For more information about Crystal Lynn Photography and to view her stunning work please visit Subscribe to follow Crystal's blog to see what is happening in Crystal's world and the gorgeous pictures on her Project 52!

Miss Crystal, you rock! Thank you for being our first "Local Women Empower" feature! We couldn’t be happier to support the awesome YOU and your business!

Project 52, In the Rain

Project 52, In the Rain

Project 52, The Blue Heron

Mayday Mayday!

Really...June? What happened to May?

Well, we were caught up in so much fun in May we hardly posted any updates.

So here's our little summary...

We kicked off May with our Dear Mama: DIY Floral Design Workshop. It was such a blast playing flowers with 25 awesome ladies. Their designs were just so beautiful. I was thoroughly impressed. Cannot wait until we hold our next workshop later this summer (keep your eyes peeled for dates). Thank you again to Crystal of Crystal Lynn Photography for shooting our work and giving us photo memories to last forever. You're the best, really.

Here's a few shots of our fun. (click on images to see gallery of photos)

And then Mother's Day came and we SOLD OUT at our Pop-Up Flower Shop held at Merchant & Main. Thank you to Merchant & Main for inviting us to Pop-Up for the weekend. You guys rock and took such great care of us! And a huge thank you to all our loyal customers for coming out and buying your mamas our pretty little designs!

Then we spent a few days in the woods trying to recover with this cutie patootie making ivy crowns, chasing banana slugs, and a whole bunch of hammocking.

Oh and then we partnered up with my sister and brother's company Graphic Expression to enter the Vacaville Fiesta Days Window Display Competition. And we took first place!

And in the middle of it all, we somehow designed and delivered these floral beauties....

So May, you came in hot and you went out sizzling. We are embracing June (the kick-off our wedding season) with wide open arms and look forward to telling you about a few of our exciting new business ventures. Bring it June!

Just a post...

...not even a picture. Just stopping in to chat for a bit on, well, everything.

We have been kinda busy lately. Weddings are in full swing, summer events filling up, planning our workshops, continuing to take new classes on style and esthetic, meanwhile getting out our day-to-day designs. It's kind of magical really. Our house is submerged in flowers and greenery (that includes the little scraps I find in every nook and cranny). It is pretty darn glorious. With this heat, the air conditioning circulates the delicious smell of sweet peas and eucalyptus throughout every room, a real awful problem right? Things we refer to as FPP or "Florist People Problems" which are REAL problems I swear. 

I've heard from many florists that Mother's Day is one big freak-out session. After all, it is our busiest week of the year. But, I am pretty much just plugging along like its just any other week. Just with a lot more flowers & a workshop thrown in there too. Now, talk to me at the end of next Sunday & I may have pulled out most of my hair, dulled all my snips, and lost a few fingers in the thick of it all. 

But really this post is about our people. The feedback & support that continues to pour in is like eating an entire humble pie for every meal. It's just shocking & sweet how living in our home town and growing our little business has brought our support system out from every angle. I wish I could personally thank every single person who has ever mentioned our flowers to a friend, ordered one of our designs, liked or shared our social networking posts, passed along our business card, or even asked how "the flower thing" is going. So here it is...THANK YOU! We couldn't be happier. We are proud to have our little business in this community and love that we are able to give back. Even if it's just through making you smile. Because really, that is the whole reason we do this!

Really though, thanks.

Floral Fun with a Snap!

Thank you to all of our Pollen Mill friends who signed up for the Dear Mama~Floral Fun Workshop! Registration is officially closed as we are at maximum capacity. For those of you who missed out, need not worry our Summer Fun~Floral Crown Workshop is coming up next!

In other news, we have a special guest coming to the Dear Mama Workshop! Crytsal Lynn Photography will be in attendance to take her gorgeous photos of each arrangement...Oh Snap! Attendees will have photos of their bespoke designs posted to The Pollen Mill blog. Crystal's work is nothing short of amazing & we are ecstatic to have her talent join our flower fun! You can see some of Crystal's beautiful shots here on her website:

Get ready! It's going to be one FUN night!